The Queendom Project

NERDS RULE INC. MISSION: "The Queendom Project" Socio-economic development for all women and girls. The main goal of program is to enhance the capacities and capabilities of rural women and girl groups, to develop and implement programs aimed at improving the standards of living of their communities through sustainable use of the environment and the available resources. The Queendom Project improves the lives of women and girls in our region by driving social change, providing opportunity, and promoting economic self sufficiency through education and advocacy empowered philanthropy collaborative partnerships. Provide opportunities to help end gender inequality by fostering the ability of gir

NERDS RULE INC. AMBASSADORS Uplifting Students Around The World!

NERDS RULE INC. Ambassadors will be collecting books for over 2000 students. Our NRI International Partners from Endonamoo Transformation Global Initiative are assisting low income community schools. Help our NRI Ambassadors collect Science, Math, English and Storybooks. Join the Movement today. Email our World Changers team if you have any questions


Chairwoman Dianne Jacobs and all the members of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors on this 14th day of March 2017, that they commend NERDS RULE INC. for it's outstanding service, leadership and commitment to the health and wellness of county residents, and do hereby declare this day to be NERDS RULE INC. Day through out San Diego County. NERDS RULE INC. was created by Executive Director and Founder Tristaca McCray in October 2011 as a non-profit organization for community building, youth, teens, and youth adults. Our creative programs and projects promote social, economic change that target a variety of global change using the Sustainable Development Goals. ​ Proven leader with extens

NERDS RULE INC. Partners with International Youth Alliance in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

NERDS RULE INC. teams up International Youth Alliance in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The International Partnership will focus on uplifting the next generation of leaders, rebuilding communities, youth and teens who desire change. Our Executive Director Tristaca McCray will facilitate and launch NERDS RULE INC. Ambassadors. International Youth Alliance is registered in the United Nations, among partners of non-governmental organizations - UN-NGLS, as on the summit in New York in the face of Anton Martinov - 2015 to discuss the strategy of the United Nations Millennium had a nomination for speaker of the NGO topics sector - prevention of poverty and hunger, climate change, prevention and conflict pr


NRI AMBASSADOR MISSION: Empowering youth, teens to discover their abilities to create and impact change in communities, schools, education, health and around the world. Vision:THINK Global. ACT Local. START Personal NRI Ambassador a diverse community of committed and inspiring youth and teens and young adults. This leadership program will launch in April 2017 in Southern California and will be facilitated across the world with our NERDS RULE INC. International Partners. PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: NRI Ambassadors will learn management strategies for community projects that will develop resources for schools, churches, and communities. NRI Ambassador will launch programs, projects or campaigns for:

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