NERDS RULE INC. ACADEMY partners with community leaders to inspire the next-generation on thinking critically and communicating effectively to achieve excellence.

Dr. Tristaca McCray created the Academy to develop global community action projects. Mid August a Fellowship program was introduced to community partners in San Diego and across the world. 

NERDS RULE INC. ACADEMY Fellows Program Mission: Our Leadership Fellows Program selects students, young adults, community leaders ages 18 and up with demonstrated capacity to bring global impact that can shift change into urban neighborhoods.


Fellows are offered the next phase of their development and training, enabling them to lead more effectively in the face of the complex, contentious, and seemingly intractable challenges present in their communities. Once selected, Fellows receive transformational support. Fellows participate in professional coaching and mentoring and work with a public relations expert dedicated to sharing their latest projects with the world.


Fellows have the opportunity to report increased clarity of mission, improved self-confidence and increased recognition of their ideas and research for schools, families, and communities. 

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