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Support our programs for mental health, at risk youth, teens, veterans, SDG's projects around the world by getting involved in a number of ways. Take part in one of our Creating Change campaigns or professional networks; raise awareness on social media; or donate to help us achieve our mission. Email our World Changers team for more information at 


NERDS RULE INC, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit national organization, building a diverse and powerful coalition to advance and protect projects and programs at the national level serving as a facilitator, mentor, resource provider for national, state and local advocates. 

As a corporate sponsor, you are investing in supporting health & wellness, safe and well-designed communities through national and local education, advocacy and the successful series of programs NERDS RULE INC puts on each year. Your support helps NERDS RULE INC. continue to be the leading voice and resource for communities around the world.  

Click on the donate button and help us continue creating change around San Diego and around the world. Thanks to our amazing Community Partners and International Partners who believe in the VISION of NERDS RULE INC. 

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