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NERDS RULE INC. Partners with International Youth Alliance in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

NERDS RULE INC. teams up International Youth Alliance in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The International Partnership will focus on uplifting the next generation of leaders, rebuilding communities, youth and teens who desire change. Our Executive Director Tristaca McCray will facilitate and launch NERDS RULE INC. Ambassadors.

International Youth Alliance is registered in the United Nations, among partners of non-governmental organizations - UN-NGLS, as on the summit in New York in the face of Anton Martinov - 2015 to discuss the strategy of the United Nations Millennium had a nomination for speaker of the NGO topics sector - prevention of poverty and hunger, climate change, prevention and conflict prevention, protection of human rights.

Areas of activities:

Education Training:

Encouraging the development of cross border and Black sea region joint initiatives for open and innovative education and training. Development of infrastructure for training and information facilities: incubators, shared workspace, start-up factories and “start-up garage; encourage learning in support of young people's innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship” ; business skills training, guidance and counselling services;


Raising Cross border and Black sea region campaigns for common problems and challenges for youth; organization of different events such as conferences, forums, seminars, platforms and networking meetings enhancing mobility of young people across borders and through Black sea region.. Networking initiatives promotion of young people's participation in representative democracy and civil society; cross-border and black sea region initiatives aimed at combating youth poverty and social exclusion; supporting youth capacity and opportunities to be creative and access to culture, promotion of health and well-being of young people.


Recognition of skills and qualifications to facilitate learning and labour mobility; Enhancing the non-cognitive skills of disconnected youth; Relevant and high-quality knowledge, skills and competences developed throughout lifelong learning, focusing on learning outcomes for employability, innovation, active citizenship and well-being;


Successful integration of migrants into education and training system, forcing their social inclusion, employability, professional and personal fulfilment, and active citizenship with development of intercultural skills among teachers, trainers, school leaders, other members of educational staff, ensuring a greater readiness for multicultural diversity in the learning environment. Joint analysis, peer learning, conferences and the dissemination of good practices.

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