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Chairwoman Dianne Jacobs and all the members of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors on this 14th day of March 2017, that they commend NERDS RULE INC. for it's outstanding service, leadership and commitment to the health and wellness of county residents, and do hereby declare this day to be NERDS RULE INC. Day through out San Diego County.

NERDS RULE INC. was created by Executive Director and Founder Tristaca McCray in October 2011 as a non-profit organization for community building, youth, teens, and youth adults. Our creative programs and projects promote social, economic change that target a variety of global change using the Sustainable Development Goals.

Proven leader with extensive experience in strategy, development, and operations of winning programs focused on delivering best-in-class results. Highly effective in working with diverse teams to grow and administer complex operations. Committed to providing thought leadership and business acumen to innovative solution development. Passionate about the importance of building community and leveraging the strengths of team members to deliver significant and sustainable positive impact.

Tristaca wanted to receive the NERDS RULE INC. Live Well San Diego proclamation in front of her 2nd through 4th grade students.

Two new projects will be launching in a few weeks. "The Queendom Project" and the "NERDS RULE INC. Ambassador Program"

Thank you Live Well San Diego for believing in NERDS RULE INC.

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