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Dr. Tristaca McCray is on the San Diego Suicide Prevention Council, Suicide Prevention Council Faith Sub-Committee, Suicide Prevention Council Assessment & Evaluation Sub-Committee, member of the North County Philanthropy Council and has received numerous awards and recognition's:

06 September 2021:  Women's Business Award Nominee---  Leader of the Year Award

05 September 2021:  2021 Best of Black SD Magazine Award for Best Nonprofit 

16 June 16th 2021: Featured on the Forbes Business List Next 1000

08  June 2021: Red Blazer of Excellence and Achievement Award

29 May 2021: We See You Award- PEPTalk Conference 

15 April 2021:  2021 LONI Sisterhood Global Award

26 March 2021: 2021 100 Successful Women in Business Award

30 September 2020: Advisory Board Member with the Rain On Me Organization -- United Kingdom

22 September 2020: 2020 Inclusive Leadership in Action (ILIA) Awards. Nominated in two categories: Community Change Agent, which is co-presented with the University of San Diego, honors an individual who has shown dedication and action to make real, sustainable, and systemic change through the creation of innovative programs, policy, platforms, or partnerships. It recognizes the work of assisting the community’s ability to thrive in areas such as education, social enterprise, health and wellness, or advocacy.


The Anthony M. Medina People's Champion category honors an individual who has been an advocate and champion for underserved or marginalized communities. It recognizes advocacy in words and in action to bring about meaningful change for the people. The award is named in honor of the late Anthony M. Medina, a RISE Urban Leadership Fellow and ILIA award recipient, who founded People’s Legal Services to provide free and low-cost legal support to underserved communities.

04 September 2020:  2020 Best of Black SD Magazine Award for Best Nonprofit 

10th August 2020: Gap Warriors, Nonprofits Serving Unmet Needs and the Women Who Lead Them (Featuring Dr. Tristaca McCray)

22nd May 2020: Graduate of Faith Mental Health Academy #MentalHealthMatters

1st May 2020: Creator/Writer/Producer of Fix Ya Crown Podcast

17th April 2020: Board Member with The Founder & Management of ASSOCIATION OF PERSONS AND STUDENTS WITH DISABILITY INCLUSION (APSDI) ---Uganda

28th April 2020: Launched NERDS RULE INC. Academy (Partners with organizations, schools, community leaders and parents to inspire individuals to think critically, empower, communicate effectively and achieve excellence. (Social Justice, Equality, Human Rights, Self Empowerment  thru Community Action)

29th January 2020: Member of the United Nation's International Youth Council

6th November 2019: Member of the Global Network of Civil Society for Disaster Reduction (GNDR)

10th September 2019: Certificate of Incorporation In The Federal Republic of Nigeria


20th September 2019: Certificate to Commence Business In Ghana (NERDS RULE GHANA)

10th June 2019: State of Corporation Virginia (NERDS RULE INC. Chapter)


11th May 2018: Partnership with Food 4 Less operation division of the Kroger Family of companies support for NERDS RULE INC's  "Helping Hands That provide Hope" program

8th May 2018: OFA Fellows Graduate--- Organizing for Action is a nonprofit 501(4) organization and community organizing project that advocates for the agenda of former U.S. President Barack Obama


30th November 2017: Member of Global Initiative on Food Loss and Waste Reduction (SAVE FOOD) Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

17th November 2017: San Diego Prestige Award Winner Most Influential Person In The Community

1st October 2017: Founding Member of the World Kindness Movement USA

3rd September 2017: World Kindness Movement Membership Award: 7th US Organization to receive in the 20 year history of the World Kindness Movement.

5th August 2017: NERDS RULE INC. member to United Nations NGO Branch Civil Society Network

17th July 2017: Certificate of Incorporation In The Republic of Uganda (NERDS RULE INC. Uganda)

5th May 2017: University of San Diego: RISE San Diego Urban Leadership Fellows Graduate 

14th March 2017: San Diego, California Proclamation "NERDS RULE INC. DAY"

1st January 2017: United Nations Development Programme NERDS RULE INC. programs developed with the Sustainable Development Goals (Goals 1,2,3,4,5,8,11,12,14,15,16,17)


21st November 2016: Nominated San Diego Prestige Award Most Influential Person In The Community


10th October 2016: Member of NGO Branch United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs


16th July 2016: San Diego, California Proclamation "Tristaca McCray Day" proclamation by Supervisor, Third District, Dave Roberts for her work with Suicide Prevention


14th June 2016: White House Award Winning Nonprofit Global "Change Maker" by The First Lady Michelle Obama and President Obama--- United State Of Women

16th December 2015: State of Corporation Florida (NERDS RULE INC. Chapter)

15th May 2014: State of Corporation North Carolina (NERDS RULE INC. Chapter)

18th October 2012: State of California Senate Certificate of Recognition Urban League of San Diego County Urban Leader Under 40