NBC7 News Monica Dean: Inspiring San Diego Interview with CEO and Founder Tristaca McCray

Interviewing Tristaca McCray, founder of non-profit #NerdsRuleInc, was like a treasure hunt! Throughout our conversation I kept marveling at all the unique and inspiring aspects of this dynamic woman's life. Tristaca McCray has a challenging past but it has helped propel her into a successful future empowering young people through special programs and seminars she now offers around the world. Tristaca's passion for her non-profit has even earned her presidential recognition. I've heard it said, 'nerds will rule the world'...well this is one self-described "nerd" who is certainly impacting our world for good! Look for her #InspiringSanDiego story Friday June 1st, 2018 on NBC 7 San Diego news

KIDS, ACTUALLY Summit Partnership with NERDS RULE INC.

KIDS, ACTUALLY is a summit inspired by the powerful actions taken by the Parkland, Florida students in the wake of the mass shooting on their campus. 100-200 kids age 10-18 will gather and discuss topics important to them and envision actions they can take to change the world. Topics will include Gender Equality, Bullying, Gun Control, Human Trafficking, Homelessness, and Climate Change. The summit is in partnership with NERDS RULE INC. Founder and Executive Director Tristaca McCray, who created an Ambassador program for children, youth, teens and young adults to create change in the community and around the world. This program pairs student ambassadors with adult mentors and features weekly

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