NERDS RULE INC. T.R.I.B.E Ambassador Project with Initiative for Mixed Migration, Children on the M

Initiative for Mixed Migration, Children on the Move Advocacy in Nigeria partnered with NERDS RULE INC. on the T.R.I.B.E Ambassador Project for 1500 Youth and Teen Ambassadors. Children on the Move Advocacy will launch the first 4 sessions on Saturday, May 4th 2019 in several age groups from ages 10 to 25 years old. Focus Topics: - Self Worth - Education - Leadership -Mental Health Awareness - Bullying Prevention -Community


Thank you to everyone who celebrated this week with our CEO/Founder Tristaca McCray on our special day in the city of San Diego "NERDS RULE INC DAY" We are excited to see what the future holds. Chairwoman Dianne Jacobs and all the members of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors on this 14th day of March 2017, that they commend NERDS RULE INC. for it's outstanding service, leadership and commitment to the health and wellness of county residents, and do hereby declare this day to be NERDS RULE INC. Day through out San Diego County. NERDS RULE INC. was created by Executive Director and Founder Tristaca McCray in October 2011 as a non-profit organization for community building, youth, teen

International Book Drive

Join our NERDS RULE INC. T.R.I.B.E Ambassadors collect books for our wonderful International Partners. Our goal is to collect 2000 educational books and children's book. Information on flyer.

Health Promotion Initiative for Adolescents International Partnership

Rosemary is a Nigeria Facilitator for the NERDS RULE INC. Ambassador T.R.I.B.E Program. 3 schools with 200 students ages 10 to 15 Health Promotion Initiative for Adolescents is a International partner with NERDS RULE INC. creating change, providing tools, uplifting and empowering for teens and youth on how to become successful in developing community action projects in Nigeria. Education Leadership Community Outreach Self-Worth Bullying Prevention Mental Health Suicide Prevention Community/International Ambassador

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