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NRI AMBASSADOR MISSION: Empowering youth, teens to discover their abilities to create and impact change in communities, schools, education, health and around the world.

Vision:THINK Global. ACT Local. START Personal NRI Ambassador a diverse community of committed and inspiring youth and teens and young adults.

This leadership program will launch in April 2017 in Southern California and will be facilitated across the world with our NERDS RULE INC. International Partners.

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: NRI Ambassadors will learn management strategies for community projects that will develop resources for schools, churches, and communities. NRI Ambassador will launch programs, projects or campaigns for:

  • Human Rights

  • Health Care

  • Education

  • Research

  • Self Worth

  • Bullying Prevention

  • Suicide Prevention

  • Sex Education (Parents Approval)

  • Domestic Violence (Teen Dating)

  • World Kindness

  • Global

  • Community

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