Foster Care Vision Board Party Hosted by NERDS RULE INC. 5th grade Ambassador

Samantha's Love Foundation is a umbrella organization under NERDS RULE INC. Our 5th grade Ambassador will be hosting a Vision Board Party for Foster Youth. Samantha will be collecting magazines and donations starting Tuesday, January 16th through Friday, March 2nd 2018. Samantha's Love Foundation has partnered with Linda's Drive (4th grade NERDS RULE INC. Ambassador) and our new partner Ericka Parker; Founder/Principal of Iron Sharp Consultants. Iron Sharp Consultants is designed to empower individuals through professional and personal development opportunities. Primarily devoted to aid young adults and women to be employable and sustain a progressive career. If you would like to volunteer o

Feeding San Diego Partnership with NERDS RULE INC.

Nearly 400,000 San Diegans have to make tough choices every day when it comes to food. 1 in 5 children in San Diego struggle with hunger. Feeding San Diego is building a hunger-free & healthy San Diego through the distribution of 25.2 million meals annually. NERDS RULE INC's workshops and fundraisers aim to address the gender gap in poverty analysis. More women than men live in poverty, but the incidence of poverty differs by age, marital status, household composition and other factors. Our Youth NERDS RULE INC. Ambassadors have already started collecting canned goods and raising awareness about poverty in San Diego. Ambassadors are setting up drop-off locations and planning a video VLOG

NERDS RULE INC. International Partnership with Terra-1530 in Vorniceni, Chişinău, Moldova.

NERDS RULE INC. International is excited about our new 2018 International Partnership with Terra-1530 in Vorniceni, Chişinău, Moldova. Thank you Clayton Joseph King for this amazing video. Terra-1530 will have the opportunity to co-facilitate NERDS RULE INC.'s Ambassador program. The NERDS RULE INC. Ambassadors program provides educational, self worth opportunities, empowerment, community outreach for children, teens, youth and young adults to realize their potential and to function effectively in communities, schools and at home. Terra-1530 mission is to instruct and strengthen rural communities’ capacity on Sustainable Development. They are working in an economically and socially dis

NERDS RULE INC. presents The Next Dimension Vlog Series

The Next Dimension Vlog Series created by Executive Director Tristaca McCray. Viewers will be challenged to express themselves, forgive, love again, heal and peel back the layers of wearing a mask that meet the NEEDS of humanity. Taping will begin January 20th through March 31st and will premiere in April 2017. The Next Dimension Vlog Series Topics: >> Bullying Prevention >> Dealing With Depression >> Domestic Violence >> Entrepreneurship >> Human Trafficking >> Life After A Divorce >> Self-Worth/Self Hate >> Sexual Assault >> Suicide Prevention >> Understanding God's Purpose With A Broken Heart


NERDS RULE INC. INTERNATIONAL would like to say thank you to everyone who supported the VISON of our Executive Director and Founder Ms. Tristaca McCray. Tristaca's mission and vision is to REBUILD and BUILD communities, schools, children, youth, teens and young adults around the world. 2017 was a great year for NERDS RULE INC. INTERNATIONAL. Stay tuned for community action projects, conferences, workshops, campaigns around the world and new partnerships. 30th November 2017: Member of Global Initiative on Food Loss and Waste Reduction (SAVE FOOD) Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) 17th November 2017: San Diego Prestige Award Winner Most Influential Person In The Com

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