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Foster Care Vision Board Party Hosted by NERDS RULE INC. 5th grade Ambassador

Samantha's Love Foundation is a umbrella organization under NERDS RULE INC. Our 5th grade Ambassador will be hosting a Vision Board Party for Foster Youth. Samantha will be collecting magazines and donations starting Tuesday, January 16th through Friday, March 2nd 2018.

Samantha's Love Foundation has partnered with Linda's Drive (4th grade NERDS RULE INC. Ambassador) and our new partner Ericka Parker; Founder/Principal of Iron Sharp Consultants.

Iron Sharp Consultants is designed to empower individuals through professional and personal development opportunities. Primarily devoted to aid young adults and women to be employable and sustain a progressive career.

If you would like to volunteer or connect with Samantha's Love Foundation please contact our Director Ms. Tristaca (Mentor/Lead) at

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