NERDS RULE INC.'S "The Queendom Project" (SHE IS FIERCE)

Our Partners Regional Centre for International Development Cooperation -RCIDC will be launching there second NERDS RULE INC. Community Action Project. "The Queendom Project" Socio-economic development for all women and girls. The main goal of program is to enhance the capacities and capabilities of rural women and girl groups, to develop and implement programs aimed at improving the standards of living of their communities through sustainable use of the environment and the available resources. "The Queendom Project" (SHE IS FIERCE) will begin on Friday, January 5th 2018. Our partners have a total of 60 Women and Girls. Henry Oriokot will co-facilitate the program with our CEO and Founder Ms.

NERDS RULE INC. Youth Ambassador Canned Food Drive

NERDS RULE INC. Ambassadors core value curriculum integrates character development, community service, values-based leadership development, social justice advocacy, and peer mentoring. Through the NERDS RULE INC. Ambassador program participants are encouraged to transform themselves and others for the better using our NERD core values of courage, discipline, integrity, wisdom, strength, kindness, love, compassion, and humility. Our 4th grade Linda Garcia has a heart of gold and wanted to create Linda's Drive. Linda started collecting cans at the end of November and during her Christmas winter break from school she collected over 200 can. Linda's Drive will be hosting two events with NERDS RU

NERDS RULE INC. Ambassadors Workshop

The NERDS RULE INC. Ambassador program helps develop community action projects to rebuild, uplift and develop major changes in communities, education, and health. Each Ambassador will create a Community Action Project using the Sustainable Development Goals. On Saturday December 23rd, 2017 our NERDS RULE INC. San Diego Youth Ambassadors will be having a training workshop to prepare and create 2018 goals for Bullying Prevention, Self Worth Programs, Homeless Youth and Teens and Mental Health Awareness.

Bullying Workshop Chat With Ms. T

Today Ms. T's students 3rd through 5th grade expressed how it feels to be bullied or be a bullying. Our NERDS RULE INC. Bullying Prevention Workshop Chat was created for students to sit and talk about how they can change bullying in school. Each student had the opportunity to share about past or present bullying problems. Once a week the students sit and talk with Ms. T for 45 minutes discussing bullying and how it effects them from learning, completing homework, and making friends. Some of the students are now creating community action projects for a "NO BULLYING ZONE". Contact our team if you would like Ms. Tristaca to facilitate our Bullying Prevention Workshop Chat at your school or nex

"Place and Identity"

8th grade English project "Place and Identity" with 140 students from Standley Middle School and over 40 community leaders. A sense of place & identity derives from the multiple ways in which place functions to provide a sense of belonging, construct meaning, foster attachments, and mediate change. Place identity is a versatile concept upon which many psychological theories of human–environment relations are built. NERDS RULE INC's CEO and Founder Tristaca McCray was interviewed by 3 amazing Standely Middle School students about working in the community and how her identity helps or hinders creating change around the world and in San Diego, CA. Black and White photos were taken of all partic

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