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NERDS RULE INC.'S "The Queendom Project" (SHE IS FIERCE)

Our Partners Regional Centre for International Development Cooperation -RCIDC will be launching there second NERDS RULE INC. Community Action Project. "The Queendom Project" Socio-economic development for all women and girls. The main goal of program is to enhance the capacities and capabilities of rural women and girl groups, to develop and implement programs aimed at improving the standards of living of their communities through sustainable use of the environment and the available resources.

"The Queendom Project" (SHE IS FIERCE) will begin on Friday, January 5th 2018. Our partners have a total of 60 Women and Girls. Henry Oriokot will co-facilitate the program with our CEO and Founder Ms. Tristaca who created the CAP. "The Queendom Project" is an empowerment project uplifting girls and women who have experienced tragic situations causing fear, doubt, rejection, abandonment, hopelessness and love for themselves.

These workshops include:

• Awareness of her capacity to create her own path

• Body knowledge and appreciation

• Leadership skills

• Tools for self-reflection and discovery

• Identification and appreciation of her unique strengths

• Awareness and trust in her instincts and intuitive wisdom

• Tools for creating healthy relationships

Vocational Training Include:

• Cosmetology hair and skin care

• Cooking Skills

• Learning how to sew clothes

• Making Shampoo

• Making Bar Soap

Stay tuned for "The Queendom Project" VLOG.

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