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City of San Diego Proclamation: "Tristaca McCray Day"

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

We are thrilled to announce a momentous occasion for our beloved city of San Diego, California. On Friday, July 16th, 2023, we proudly proclaim it to be "Tristaca McCray Day."

This special proclamation serves as a heartfelt tribute to Dr. Tristaca McCray, an exceptional individual whose dedication, leadership, and tireless efforts have left an indelible mark on our community and the world at large.

Celebrating a Visionary Leader

Dr. Tristaca McCray has been a driving force for positive change in San Diego and beyond. Her unwavering commitment to empowering the next generation of young leaders has transformed countless lives. Through her work with NERDS RULE INC., she has provided opportunities, guidance, and inspiration to youth, teens, and young adults, helping them discover their potential and make a meaningful impact on society.

A Beacon of Hope

"Tristaca McCray Day" is a celebration of hope, resilience, and the power of one individual to effect change. Dr. McCray's initiatives, from mental health awareness to community development, have enriched the lives of many, making our city and the world a better place.

Join Us in Celebration

We invite all residents of San Diego and beyond to join us in celebrating "Tristaca McCray Day." It is a day to honor an exceptional leader, a day to reflect on the positive impact we can have on our community, and a day to inspire future generations to continue the legacy of positive change.

Thank You, Dr. Tristaca McCray

On this special day, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Tristaca McCray for her outstanding contributions to our city and the global community. Her vision, compassion, and dedication are truly remarkable, and we are proud to recognize and celebrate her on this well-deserved occasion.

Happy "Tristaca McCray Day," San Diego!


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