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"I'm Worth It" Community Action Project

On February 4th, 2022 "World Cancer Day'' my organization NERDS RULE INC started to collect wigs for cancer patients and women with alopecia hair loss. Hair is an integral part of a woman’s life and for women undergoing chemotherapy, the loss of their hair can add another layer of emotional strain and impact self-image during an already traumatic time. Wigs are expensive (generally costing from $700-$5,000) and many women, especially those struggling to cover health care bills, cannot afford the cost of a quality wig. This project is part of our NERDS RULE INC. Ambassador Project "I'm Worth It". We aim to meet immediate needs while fostering a cycle of giving, receiving, hope and healing.

Today we have over 100 wigs to donate to women and girls. Please pass the information along (Pay only for shipping) if you are not in the San Diego or Chula Vista area. Let's continue to lift our women up! If you would like to donate a wig, please send an email to


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