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High School Senior Writes About Community Outreach During the Pandemic

COMMUNITY OUTREACH IN COVID-19 By: Humairah Djafar (High School Senior)

During these times, COVID-19 has affected many negatively. When our community needs our help in times of stress, such as now, we need to work together to ensure that no one is helpless.

Not only is volunteering good for the community, but it is also beneficial to your own well-being. You have the chance to connect with others and you feel good for what you have done. Either online or in-person, here are some ways to volunteer in your community:

Writing Letters Whether it be to hospital patients, the senior center, or to frontline workers, sending out letters to them can always be fun. You can include meaningful quotes and fun drawings. All ages can do this, no matter how young or old they are. Furthermore, this can be done from the comforts of your home so that you will not have to go anywhere, other than the post office or your nearest mailbox!


As remote-learning takes place, it can be hard for many children to learn on their own from home. Their parents may be too busy to help them out and they may not have much guidance. Many organizations have offered positions where volunteers can tutor children and help them out with their school work, making remote-learning more manageable!

Food Drives It can be hard for many to purchase groceries during these times, especially as many have lost their jobs due to COVID-19 and find buying food very hard when money is scarce. Some organizations have taken the matter into their own hands and would formulate a team to buy groceries for families in need and take it to them! You can also help out at food banks and even drop off canned goods to food drives!

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