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November 28th 2020 10:00 AM "Be Kind 2 Yourself" Mental Health and Eating Disorder Virtual Event

Given the new normal of physical distancing, we’re so thankful that so many beautiful wellness leaders have brought their offerings online. NERDS RULE INC. and Rain on Me partnered together to bring a virtual event full of kindness and support.

Presentations will focus on eating disorders, understanding how stress affects you (the psychological, spiritual, interpersonal and physical impacts). Improving access to evidence-based mental health care.

Sharing Community Programs and Self-Care Tips include

– Yogic psychology and philosophy,

– Movement and Body Postures,

– Breathwork,

– Meditation, and

– Community resources for affordable accessible care

– Working with Ceremonial Grade Cacao and the power of high quality essential oils.


Tristaca McCray, PH.D, NERDS RULE INC. International

Deepanshi Gulati, Rain On Me, United Kingdom

Erin Parks, Ph.D Co-Founder & CCO at Equip

Sheneka Terry, Founder of Faithful Company

Nakeya T. Fields, LCSW, PPSE, Fields Family Counseling

Chris Otokito, Holistic Wellness Hub, United Kingdom


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