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E11 - Dr. Tristaca McCray - "Slow Down, You've Got This!"

We are thrilled to announce Episode 11 - Slow Down, You've Got This! with Dr. Tristaca McCray! What an amazing lady. 

Elia Gourgouris Ph.D. - The Happiness Doctor, and Randall McNeely - The Kindness Giver, were pleased to have Dr. Tristica McCray join them for another wonderful discussion sharing Dr. Tristaca's life chlife-changinganging experiences with kindness! 

Nearly everyone here can think of a time when they were moving too fast because they were worried about missing out or not keeping up with those around them. 

We may have been sweating bullets in the process! 

That's what was happening to Dr. Tristaca McCray, founder and CEO of Nerds Rule Inc, at a conference two short years after founding her company. She was invited to a mental health conference and felt like a guppy swimming in a big ocean. 

Watch and listen to this episode to discover how someone's kindness saved Dr. Tristaca's day and still impacts her today! 

You'll learn: 

  • How working in Health Care impacted her outlook on kindness - How desire to do good can drive us to places we never thought we could reach.

  • How one person's kind action can continue to ripple forward through time - and how you and I can have the same impact.

  • How to create a handwritten letter of encouragement that can be permanently written with love on someone's heart.

  • How we can use our challenges as steppingstones.


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