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Celebrating Excellence: Dr. Tristaca McCray and NERDS RULE INC Nominated for the 2023 ILIA Awards

The ILIA Awards: Honoring Community Leaders

The Rise San Diego ILIA Awards are an annual event that seeks to honor individuals and groups who have shown exceptional dedication to their communities and have actively worked to create positive change. Named after the Greek word "Ilios," meaning "sun," these awards illuminate the inspiring work being done to bring light and warmth into the lives of others.

NERDS RULE INC: Nurturing Empathy, Respect, and Dignity in Society

NERDS RULE INC is a non-profit organization that stands as a beacon of hope and positivity. Its mission revolves around promoting empathy, respect, and dignity, values that form the foundation of a compassionate and harmonious society. The organization's tireless efforts have reached communities far and wide, inspiring countless individuals to embrace kindness and make a lasting impact.

The Power of Recognition

Recognition through awards like the ILIA Awards is a testament to the profound influence Dr. Tristaca McCray and NERDS RULE INC have had on the lives of others. It not only acknowledges their dedication but also serves as a reminder of the transformative power of compassion, education, and community engagement.

Celebrating a Bright Future

As we celebrate the ILIA Awards nomination of Dr. Tristaca McCray and NERDS RULE INC, we look forward to the continued positive impact they will have on our community and beyond. Their journey exemplifies the potential for change that resides within each of us and underscores the importance of nurturing kindness, empathy, and respect in the world.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Tristaca McCray and NERDS RULE INC. May their nomination be a source of inspiration for all of us to strive for a brighter and more compassionate future.

Stay tuned for updates on the Rise San Diego 2023 ILIA Awards, as we eagerly await the announcement of the winners who will undoubtedly continue to light up our communities with their remarkable work.


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