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NERDS RULE INC. Bullying Prevention Parent Workshop In Spanish

NERDS RULE INC. founder Ms. Tristaca McCray created a Bullying Prevention Parent Workshop that provides resources for children, teens and parents. Next week the workshop will be in Spanish. Ms. Tristaca thought involving parents and seeking their cooperation and support for bullying prevention initiatives in their children’s early childhood setting will help widen the reach of these initiatives and reinforce what their children are learning in the classroom.

Parents can adapt and apply the bullying prevention lessons to their daily routines at home. Talking About Bullying Parents can build on the ways that children are learning to understand, talk about, and respond to bullying in their early childhood setting. For example, parents can talk to their children about what bullying is, share personal stories about bullying, help children distinguish teasing from taunting and mistakes from things done “on purpose,” encourage their children to include rather than exclude playmates, and read books about bullying with their children.

We need to change the way our children and teens react to bullying in school--- Ms. Tristaca

Bullying Prevention Parent Workshop Topics Include:

*Teaching Social Skills

*Creating A Parent Plan

*Providing Support For Children With Social-Emotional Challenges



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