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NERDS RULE INC. Partners with Active Projectile Ltd in Lagos, Nigeria

NERDS RULE INC. Executive Director Tristaca McCray has taken the role of Assistant Producer for a Anti- Bullying Project with the Active Projectile Ltd in Lagos, Nigeria. Mrs. Adesola Oyinloye-Ndu Head of Corporate Social Responsibility and Tristaca have put together some wonderful ideas to help youth and teens in Lagos, Nigeria. Recently received approval from Lagos State Ministry of Education to nominate Anti bullying Sheriffs in schools. NERDS RULE INC. will be facilitating several programs and projects for Empowerment and Bullying Prevention.

Projectile Ltd in Lagos, Nigeria will be launching NERDS RULE INC' s "The Queendom Project" participants will be guided to develop tools to successfully navigate issues every girl and woman faces today that will show them how to fix their crown and find happiness again.

These workshops include:

• Awareness of her capacity to create her own path

• Body knowledge and appreciation

• Leadership skills

• Tools for self-reflection and discovery

• Self-Defense

• Identification and appreciation of her unique strengths

• Awareness and trust in her instincts and intuitive wisdom

• Tools for creating healthy relationships

Theme: "Show us a violent person and we shall show you a BULLY!!" -Active Projectile Ltd

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