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In June 2016 our CEO and Founder Ms. Tristaca McCray was awarded the The White House United State of Women Award voted by the community. Tristaca has since been involved with several community and world projects empowering youth, teens and young adults.

The United State of Women movement serves communities, movement leaders, and influencers across the nation.

On December 3rd, 2016 everyone turned their passion into action and begin taking steps toward progress with a strategic call that moved many women to take a stand as ONE.

The United State of Women focuses on six pillar topics, but this is just the beginning. Economic Empowerment
  1. Women’s Health & Reproductive Justice

  2. Access to Education

  3. Supporting Survivors of Gender-Based Violence

  4. Human Rights

  5. Civic Engagement, Leadership and Community Organizing

Learn more about The United State of Women at

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