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"Tristaca McCray Chief Executive Director of NERDS RULE INC. dreamt of creating change around the world and for the past two years, NERDS RULE INC. has inspired people and organizations around the world to be part of something special. It was in line with this mandate that Aid For Rural Education Access Initiative (AREAi),an educational organization in Nigeria has partnered up with NERDS RULE INC.

AREAi is non-profit volunteer-driven educational organization that is led by Prince Olanrewaju Gideon Seun and backed by a motivated team of 12 other young professionals who share in the vision of providing quality education to under served children in geographically marginalized communities.

AREAi’s impact has spanned across various communities in Nigeria, directly reaching more than 7 schools and has provided infrastructure, educational supplies, basic school items, scientific equipments, portable water source, after school mentoring sessions and supplementary learning classes to over 2000 children.

The organization has picked three programs from NERDS RULE INC. that Tristaca created and will facilitate in Nigeria. This wonderful partnership will empower the next generation of leaders and take the communities to the next level."

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