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T.R.I.B.E Ambassador Project partners with the University of San Diego " Center for Aids Research"

Our T.R.I.B.E Ambassador curriculum has partnered with Professor and Scientist Dr. Jamila Stockman & Professor Eileen V. Pitpitan at the University of San Diego " Center for Aids Research"

The mission of the NERDS RULE INC. "Global Health Ambassador" is to build a community and idea sharing safe space for the next generation of young leaders. The NRI aims to support cross-disciplinary collaboration and communication among student groups and promote the exchange of Resources, such as Health and Environmental Outreach Events, Data Reports, and Mentorship.


This space provides students with opportunities to be involved with and to help inform NRI Ambassador's work, especially on issues that affect youth/ teen experiences. It also provides a platform from which Ambassadors can learn about NERDS RULE INC supported opportunities (global health summer internship, leadership courses, hands on lab experience) and support for thier own Ambassador led community action project and initiatives. Research, Nursing, Sexual Health and Environmental Health.

Applications open soon (Ages 10 to 25)


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