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Congratulations to our Founder Dr. Tristaca McCray!! Nominated for two community awards.

Our Founder and Director Dr. McCray was nominated by the 2020 Inclusive Leadership in Action (ILIA) Awards.

Dr. Tristaca McCray was nominated in two categories: Community Change Agent, which is co-presented with the University of San Diego, honors an individual who has shown dedication and action to make real, sustainable, and systemic change through the creation of innovative programs, policy, platforms, or partnerships. It recognizes the work of assisting the community’s ability to thrive in areas such as education, social enterprise, health and wellness, or advocacy.

The Anthony M. Medina People's Champion category honors an individual who has been an advocate and champion for underserved or marginalized communities. It recognizes advocacy in words and in action to bring about meaningful change for the people. The award is named in honor of the late Anthony M. Medina, a RISE Urban Leadership Fellow and ILIA award recipient, who founded People’s Legal Services to provide free and low-cost legal support to underserved communities.

2020 Inclusive Leadership in Action Awards

Will take place on Monday, October 12, 2020


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