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Mental Self-Care by NERDS RULE INC. Blogger Sheneka Speaks

Mental Self-Care by NERDS RULE INC. Blogger- Sheneka Speaks

Self-Care is more than taking a break to smell the roses. While we may do everything to give our physical bodies the care it needs, the most important is our mental health. Whatever we deal with mentally has a direct effect on us physically and while we are amid uncertain times, it is crucial that we stop what we are doing daily and take mental inventory.

Thoughts: What are you thinking about? Are your thoughts positive or negative? Are you paying attention to how your thinking is affecting your day and your responses to the people around you?

I always tell people to think about what you are thinking about and override the negative thoughts with something positive. Depression and suicide rates are increasing, and more people are not mentally aware of what they are dealing with, so they never seek the proper help they need. Let us take a moment each day to do a mental check and see what needs to be filtered out for us to stay mentally healthy.

Journaling: Writing your thoughts down is a great way to release some stress. For some writing can be therapeutic. Just a few minutes a day will help you release and by looking back over past journal entries can help you learn more about yourself you may not have noticed before. It is a great way to self-reflect and see where you can improve your thought process.

Counseling: If you feel like you have tried everything you can, never be afraid or ashamed to see a therapist or a counselor. Sometimes a professional is needed and there are always free resources available to help you find the most suitable counselor in your area. Always remember to “Call someone” when your thoughts are getting the best of you. Never feel like you are alone because you are not. These are trying times we are living in, but you do not have to do it alone.

Take care of your mental health.

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