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NERDS RULE INC. High School Blogger and T.R.I.B.E Ambassador Humairah Djafar

BLOG #1 SELF CARE IN COVID-19 by Humairah Djafar

Along with the health concerns of COVID-19, many have found themselves to be dealing with the psychological stresses that come with as a result of being quarantined for months. With the many changes in our daily routines, it can be very easy to find yourself feeling lonely and trapped with negative thoughts. Here are some self-care tips to help you get through these unprecedented times:

Have a Routine It is always best to plan out your day with a schedule, so that you know what tasks you have at hand and what to tackle for the day. Life will be more manageable if you have a structured approach. Try your best to not procrastinate on your responsibilities, but be sure to not be so hard on yourself and give yourself a break every now and then!

Disconnect from Technology Using technology too much can be a bad thing, especially since now we rely on it more than ever. Instead of using your time scrolling through social media or playing games, get away from your devices and focus on other hobbies like reading a book, painting, cooking, and more! It is recommended to take a break from the internet once in a while to focus on yourself and appreciating other things.

Exercise Although exercising may seem difficult and tiring, it has great benefits to it! Doing something as simple as walking, jogging, or even biking can have a positive effect on you. Your body will release endorphins, which will allow you to clear your mind and make you feel happier.

Sleep Even though sleep is of the most neglected activities that many of us do, it is really essential to our growth! Omitting sleep can lead to severe depression and anxiety. Try to fit in at least nine hours of sleep a night so that you will feel refreshed and prepared every morning! Not only that, but you will also have sparks of energy, better concentration, stronger memory skills, a positive mentality, and a healthier body!

Drink Enough Water Take care of your body first in order to be on the journey for having a better mindset. Drinking water will lead to many health benefits, whether it be physically, emotionally, or mentally. Don’t forget to drink about eight cups of water a day!

Eat Healthy It can be very easy for us to eat unhealthy during these times. But remember, eating health comes with many great benefits! Healthy foods have chemicals that release happy messages and boost our mood. It is also great for the wellbeing of our body! However, once in a while, it is always nice to eat your favorite comfort meals.

Make New Hobbies Hobbies allow you to express yourself in the creative way that you want. In a sense, you are giving yourself a psychological break and is a form of self-care. You are able to have fun, be stress-relieved, and have time off from any challenges! Some hobbies can be like starting a blog, designing clothes, or using any medium of art. Do anything your heart desires, as long as it makes you happy.

Talk to Your Friends It is always nice to interact with your friends once in a while, especially since we now hardly see them in person anymore. Friends can make you feel better and forget your worries for a while. Try to stay in touch with your friends, even if it is just for a few minutes. Chances are, they are feeling just as lonely as you are.

Treat Yourself One of your top priorities is to keep yourself in check before you move on. It is always important to reward yourself for all the hard work. If not, you can eventually lead to burn-out which can prevent you from doing your best in your tasks. Pamper yourself with something like a simple spa day, with a few face masks and whatnot. You can unwind with tea, meditate, or even do yoga. Take days off when you need to and do whatever it takes for you to feel relaxed and prepared once again.

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