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Carson Elementary School Parent Bullying Prevention Workshop with NERDS RULE INC.

This engaging 2-hour NERDS RULE INC. workshop equip parents/guardians with knowledge and skills to act effectively when they or their children witness or hear about bullying. Through a series of hands-on activities, parents learned how to use proven communication skills and strategies to encourage their children to talk with them about bullying at school, and respond effectively. Parents learned about effective, youth-centered, school-based program called NERDS RULE INC. Ambassadors created by our Founder Tristaca McCray and other ways they can work with school leaders to reduce mistreatment and improve school climate.

Carson Elementary School workshop was full of laughter, tears, hope and a lot of pain. Talking about your child being bullied is a very hard topic for a mother. These amazing women stood proud after receiving NERDS RULE INC's "Pouring Back Into My Child" Bullying Prevention Workshop certificates.

Involving parents and seeking their cooperation and support for bullying prevention initiatives in their children’s early childhood setting will help widen the reach of these initiatives and reinforce what their children are learning in the classroom. Parents can adapt and apply the bullying prevention lessons to their daily routines at home.

Thank you Carson Elementary School for hosting NERDS RULE INC. We are excited you want us to return in March 2018.

You know the workshop is going well when parents are taking notes and writing down community leaders names so they can take action on bullying prevention.

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