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2017 San Diego Prestige Award Winner for Most Influential in the Community

The San Diego Prestige Awards is a program that has been instituted in the county of San Diego to appreciate and commemorate those who have contributed to the preservation and presentation of music and the arts. Endeavor to produce an unforgettable time of love, sharing, fellowship and appreciation in the spirit of EXCELLENCE.

With Special Guest Grammy Award Winner

Karen Clark-Sheard

of the Legendary Clark Sisters

Congratulations to our CEO and Founder Ms. Tristaca McCray for winning the San Diego Prestige Award for Most Influential in the Community. Our NERDS RULE INC. Ambassadors and students attended this amazing event walking the red carpet, interviewing and taking questions about NERDS RULE INC. making an impact around the world and in San Diego, California with Ms. Tristaca. This is her second nomination and first win for this award.

Thank you to the CEO of Fulfilment Enterprise and creator of The San Diego Prestige Awards Eddie Baltrip (pictured with Ms. Tristaca) for sponsoring our NERDS RULE INC. Ambassadors to attend this amazing event.

Eddie Baltrip is a humble community leader in San Diego. He creates, empowers and travels around the world building communities with Voices of Fulfilment a power house choir. Eddie Baltrip & Fulfillment's animated aggressive style brings forth music that speaks life and tells a story. Email:

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