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World Kindness Movement Ceremony

NERDS RULE INC. is the 7th US organization to receive the World Kindness Movement Award Membership in the 20 year history of the World Kindness Movement. The ceremony featured San Diego community leaders with special guest The World Kindness Movement General Secretary Gabriella van Rij from the Netherlands.

NERDS RULE INC. Community Action Plans (CAP) created Executive Director Tristaca McCray

"NRI The Queendom Project” How it changed my life..... Queendom Ambassador April Gillis

"You Are Enough" Queendom Ambassador Jayda Sherrill

“Stand Up 4 Yourself”

No Bullying Zone 3rd Grade Ambassadors Ayleen Romero/ Maria Romero

“Homeless Youth Need Our Help”

4th Grade Ambassador Karen Solis

“Linda’s Food Drive”

4th Grade Ambassador Linda Garcia

“Brianna’s Love”

5th Grade Ambassador Brianna Calderon

“Samantha’s Love Foundation”

5th Grade Ambassador Samantha Valeriano

"Speak Up Bullying Foundation"

9th Grade Ambassador Sundae Oden

NERDS RULE INC. "Leaving No One Behind" Community Panelist

The World Kindness Movement General Secretary Gabriella van Rij

CEO and Founder Ericka Parker of Iron Sharp Consultants

Dr. Yessica Diaz-Roman Instructor at Southwestern College

Judi Patterson Suicide Prevention Advocate from Mental Health America

Jennifer Bustamante Founder and President of The B Factor

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