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World Kindness Day!

Excited to be the 7th US organization in the 20 year history of the World Kindness Movement and a Founding Member World Kindness USA.

Join us on November 13th for World Kindness day. NERDS RULE INC. Ambassadors will be creating Kindness Books and sending them to teens and youth dealing with bullying and depression.

  1. The World Kindness Movement is asking everyone to participate in the following:

  2. - Ask adults and children around you the question ... "What does Kindness mean to you"?

  3. - The answer can be video taped through your phone or other devices. Keep it within 1 minute if possible...

  4. - It will be so impactful for the world to hear and see your answers.

  5. - Send them to us or post them directly on FB.

  6. - Make sure you tag us @theworldkindnessmovement

  7. - Don't forget to use the hashtag #worldkindnessday

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