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Iron Sharp Consultants Partner With NERDS RULE INC.

We are excited to have our new NERDS RULE INC. partner CEO and Founder Ericka Parker of Iron Sharp Consultants join the team by assisting us with our Ambassador program for foster youth and teens.

Eloquent, Relational, Inspiring, Charismatic, Keen, Authoritative in her approach, Ericka Parker is compassionate about making a difference in the lives of others. She is an expert in talent acquisition with over 25 years in corporate experience.

Ericka has recruited for several Fortune 500 companies locally and nationally; assisting with business strategy, workforce development and employment branding. She is a frequent speaker who uses humor, practical life experiences and testimonies of others to convey a message that is inspirational and applicable. Erick is currently writing two books – a career development guide and a leadership ice breaker tool.

Iron Sharp Consultants is designed to empower individuals through professional and personal development opportunities. Primarily devoted to aid young adults and women to be employable and sustain a progressive career. Iron Sharp Consultants host workshops, retreats/conferences and provides 1:1 Career and Transitional Coaching.

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