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NERDS RULE INC. Partners with San Diego Christian College

San Diego Christian College partnered with the NERDS RULE INC. "Queendom Project" and "NRI Ambassador" program to give opportunities for young women and men who want to further their education and serve in the community. Our goal is to have 200 students enroll and graduate from SDCC by 2020. Each student that enroll with NERDS RULE INC. will receive a scholarship towards books. Email our World Changers team for more information Anyone is affiliated with NERDS RULE INC. (staff, volunteer, student, etc) they will be eligible for the approved discounts.

Mission Statement

As one of the top Southern California Christian Colleges, San Diego Christian College (SDC) exists to educate and inspire students through the truth of Scripture and the development of competencies that prepare graduates whose purpose is to impact the world.

Vision Statement

San Diego Christian College (SDC), as an academic and learning community, aims to prepare academically equipped, culturally and globally involved graduates with a biblical worldview and godly character to serve God.

  • Academically Equipped: Educated through engaged faculty in rigorous programs built on outcomes derived from competencies and biblical integration within each discipline.

  • Biblical Worldview/Godly Character: Committed to God’s preeminent perspective on life and the realization that He created and enables each person to be a life-changing influence for Christ.

  • Culturally and Globally Involved: Inspired through partnership to be responsible stewards in local communities and global opportunities. Click the link to learn more about SDCC:


A community of students in Santee, California who desire to be strengthened academically, encouraged socially and motivated spiritually.

Adult & Online

Our online Christian college offers courses designed for working adults who desire to begin or complete their degree through an accelerated online and/or campus program.

Graduate Programs

Designed for working adults who have completed their undergraduate degree, and desire to complete their master’s degree through an accelerated online and/or campus program.

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