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Congratulations NERDS RULE INC. is the 7th US Organization Welcomed in the World Kindness Movement

June 14th 2017 Letter from President Ms. Jin Heo and General Secretary Mr. Michael Lloyd-White

Re Membership:

Dear. Ms. McCray

The World Kindness Movement International Board met on June 8th 2017. Executive members representing Australia, France, India, Korea, Nigeria and Switzerland were in attendance and were presented with our findings from the due diligence process, which included your NERDS RULE INC. application. We can now advise the motion to accept NERDS RULE INC. as the 7th US organization in our 20 year history to become an official member to the World Kindness Movement, was resolved unanimously. Arrangements are not being taken for the official presentation of your membership certificate to be incorporated into the formalities of our 9th General Assembly formal reception which is being hosted in Seoul Korea on August 31st. The certificate will be presented by our officials from foreign governments, education bodies, businesses and community groups.

Please allow us to formally welcome NERDS RULE INC. aboard and thank you for the good work you are doing in the United States of America. We look forward to collaborating with you in the future to see your efforts inspire others from the classroom, to the staffroom, and the from the boardrooms to those residing in the corridors of government to join the international table of agents for positive change so we can all see a kinder world realized in our lifetime.

Kind Regards,

Mr. Michael Lloyd- White Ms. Jin Heo

General Secretary President

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