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Save The Date "The Queendom Project" Photo Shoot May 13th 2017

"The Queendom Project" was created to empower, uplift and rebuild girls and women who fear becoming great after experiencing tragic situations causing self hate, doubt, rejection, abandonment, and hopelessness.

On May 13th 2017 join the NERDS RULE INC. Ambassador team as they launch "The Queendom Project" to the City of San Diego.

Purchase a Queendom shirt for the public service announcement (PSA) "Fix Ya Crown" photo shoot and share your story of how you overcame a difficult situation.



-Domestic Violence

-Self Worth

-Sexual Assault

Join the movement of "The Queendom Project". Come be apart of history and learn more about the life changing project, sign up and meet the NERDS RULE INC. Executive Director Tristaca McCray.

Email our NERDS RULE INC. Ambassador team to place your order for the The Queendom Project shirt "Fix Ya Crown" at Each shirt purchased will help facilitate the program and create change around the world. If you can't attend donate shirts to other girls and women who need assistance. $25.00 (For All Sizes) Location: TBA

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