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NERDS RULE INC. Partners with Community Initiatives For Development in Pakistan - CIDP

Community Initiatives For Development in Pakistan will be empowering and providing resources with NERDS RULE INC. in 2017. The partnership will create educational opportunities for children, teens and youth with programs created by CEO and Founder Tristaca MCCray. Tristaca will facilitate and launch NRI Ambassadors in Pakistan.

CIDP Vision: To adopt participatory approach for durable socio economical development and empowering the masses to Endeavour for their basic and inalienable rights

CIDP Mission: To Exhibit Maximum Commitment to ameliorate the down trodden masses in the sphere of education, Health, Human Institution Development, Women Emancipation, Economical uplift & human right

CIDP Objectives:

  • CIDP will take cemented efforts for integrated social development.

  • It will utilize all possible efforts and resources for sustainable economic development.

  • CIDP sees the curing of the wounds of suffering community as a noble task and would endeavor to work for provision of necessary and quality health facilities in back ward areas.

  • Quality education is our need. CIDP will address the issue of quality education and qualitative approach of attaining education as a pillar of our socio economic development.

  • Formation of institutions and their stability is a key to organizational governance and socio economic development .CIDP would utilize total quality management approach for building up the organizational as well as social institutions.

  • CIDP would mobilize its academic and concrete efforts for safe guarding our natural resources and would also design a comprehensive policy for enriching from available natural resource and also cope up with any emerging dis aster.

  • CIDP believes in human values, ethical rights and inalienable rights of speech, work and all those rights which a human being has been entitled by birth.

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