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NERDS RULE INC. Partners With JAGO NARI in Bangladesh

NERDS RULE INC. and JAGO NARI will join together in 2017 to create change as a "NRI World Changer" team. Our CEO and Founder Tristaca McCray will facilitate programs she created to build Communities, Human Rights and No Violence Against Women And Girls.

JAGO NARI has started its activities in 1998 with its own resource with a view to help the poor people in many aspects of costal District in the southern part of Bangladesh in terms of socio economic perspective as well as livelihood. It is a non political, non profit, rights based and non government Organization (NGO) committed to participate in and promote national development through upgrading the socio economic condition and promoting and protecting the rights of the disadvantaged, deprived backward and poor communities of the society. Some like minded, qualified and experienced women of the society established JAGO NARI in the middle of 1998.

To support the poor and most vulnerable people especially women and children who are socially and economically disadvantaged, living in the urban and rural settings of Bangladesh to eradicate poverty and injustice through providing a range of rights- based services designed to improve their quality of life. Our services are principally, protection, education, healthcare, skills training, socio-economic development and participation. They are provided in ways that reinforce the culture, faith, and value of them and are also offered fairly, relevantly and without discrimination.

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