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NERDS RULE INC. Partners With Endonamoo Transformation Global Initiative (ETGIN)

NERDS RULE INC. is celebrating another partnership with Endonamoo Transformation Global Initiative (ETGIN). Our Executive Director Tristaca McCray will be facilitating our NRI Ambassador program and wellness workshops for teens and young adults.

Endonamoo Transformation Global Initiative (ETGIN) is a non-governmental organization established with mission to empower the disadvantaged individuals and groups in the society. We envision a world where people are empowered to make an informed decision which affect their lives positively, spiritual, socially, economically, physically and psychologically, thereby improving their quality of life in the society.

We engage in empowerment programs through fundamental ICT training, Skill acquisition (Soap making, Fashion Designing, Bead Making, Catering service, Shoe Making etc.). We also engage in Sexual Education and entrepreneurial conference/Workshop for creating platform for empowerment, network and mentoring. ETGIN has been able to reach a number of communities, schools and homes through empowerment programs, medical outreaches, financial supports, educational programs, sexual education and situation based advocates.​ We are working to extend our reach across Africa and the rest of the world to empower the powerless just like our slogan.

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