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NERDS RULE INC. Partners with The Hope Project/ AWAKE Project

On Saturday August 7th, 2016 two amazing women decided to partner together using their "Super Women" powers and knowledge of overcoming obstacles to empower others. Tristaca McCray (USA) and Kate Seselja (Australia) UN SDG Ambassador, Global Resolutions & World Kindness Ambassador Founder of HOPE both have wonderful organization and current projects helping individuals identify their darkness.

Next year, 2017 the two plan on hosting a conference, workshop and travel together sharing how to make it through the storm.

The Hope Project and AWAKE Project

The Hope Project believes that the person and the addiction are separate. You are not defined by your addiction. It is possible to successfully shed not just the behaviour, but the guilt, pain and shame of an addiction. Our core belief is in prevention through kindness and ultimate recovery from addiction by providing hope. We challenge society to change the conversation from recovery to recovered. Our aim is to work collaboratively with existing services and organisations to bring about healing in society from this new personal understanding model. We believe in total human restoration and that through compassion and understanding we help others to thrive in their lives. The AWAKE program provides a framework for individuals and business to learn the foundations of being a healthy thriving human. To learn more about the program or how you can support the cause visit

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