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Queendom Workshop

NERDS RULE INC.'s President Tristaca McCray created a workshop called "Queendom". It offers a life-changing opportunity for our future leaders to revitalize their inherent significance and their uniquely benevolent and commanding selves. Everyone deserves this and it serves the world.

The workshop improves one’s chances of advancement and being selected for desired positions and higher education. Leads to proactive challenge-approach behavior, improves mood and lowers stress. We provide steps on how to reduce anxiety, depression, substance abuse and other maladaptive behavior (though this is not a counseling or psychological service program, we do have staff and volunteers that our certified to provide services).

Youth, Teens and Young Adults practice and develop communication skills, and learn the importance of honestly and assertively communicating to others regarding their body, their feelings and their life. It is an open circle where they have the opportunity to ask questions.

NERDS RULE INC's "Queendom" empowerment program participants repeatedly practice physical, verbal, non-verbal and relational confidence indicators.

Each participant learns tools to radiate a uniquely confident, engaging, bright and credible stance, essential for life-long use in personal, academic and professional situations!

Fix Ya Crown Queen.....

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