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Suicide Prevention Council 5th Annual Faith Breakfast

NERDS RULE INC.' s President Tristaca McCray serves in the community with the Suicide Prevention Council. On May 20th 2016 the community leaders gather together to share information with other Faith Leaders in San Diego County.

Faith Organization Outreach Mission Purpose Statement: To increase or build upon the number of faith organizations with a high awareness and sensitivity to suicide prevention, stigma reduction and addressing mental/behavioral health issues in San Diego County.

Guiding Statements/Goals:

o Utilize existing resources to promote/empower faith communities to “Know the Signs”

o To promote training opportunities so that congregations know how to “Ask the Question”

o To find and connect congregations to one another to share resources & promising practices

Welcome Address & Invocation

(My Mentor) Dana Richardson, Community Health Improvement Partners (CHIP)

(My Mentor) Yeni Palomino Program Manager

Presentation: Trauma-Informed Care

Dr. Leon Altamirano, North County Health Services

Interactive Table Discussion #1: Trauma-Informed Care

a) How might the trauma-informed care topic relate to your congregation/organization?

b) How will you use this information in your congregation/organization?

Presentation: Resiliency & Inclusivity

Fr. Dermot Rodgers, St. Peter of Rome

Interactive Table Discussion #2: Resiliency & Inclusivity

a) How do the topics of resiliency and inclusivity relate to your congregation/organization?

b) How will you use this information to make this me

Presentation: Self-Car

Dr. Susan Writer, Aurora Behavioral Health

Interactive Table Discussion #3: Self-Care and Overall Event

a) What are your takeaways from the self-care presentation?

b) What are your overall takeaways from this year’s Faith Breakfast?

c) What are some action steps that you will take after this event is concluded?

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