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Internship and Summer Program Ambassador T-shirt

We want our interns looking great on the job. So we created a summer and intern shirt for all of our wonderful Ambassadors. (White Shirts Only)



2019 Summer Ambassador Program T-shirt (Teens and Youth Must Wear Shirt During Field Trips)

July 6th 2019 Sept 5th 2019


The NERDS RULE INC. Project engages underserved young people ages 10 to 25 through community-based education, mentoring, employment , college readiness and enrichment programs to help them develop skills and strengthen ties to family and community.



Our NERDS RULE INC. Ambassador project envisions a community where all people have access to the opportunities, skills, resources and relationships they need to actualize their potential.

Goals and Philosophy of being a NERDS RULE INC. Ambassador

“The overall goal of the NERDS RULE INC. Ambassadors program is the development of the experience of learning skills for life.”



Internship and Summer Program Ambassador T-shirt

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