The San Diego Prestige Awards

Congratulations to our CEO and Founder Tristaca McCray for being nominated for the San Diego Prestige Award Most Influential Person In The Community. Tristaca was also nominated in 2016. Cast your votes daily and spread the world. Vote and buy tickets at

World Kindness Movement Ceremony

NERDS RULE INC. is the 7th US organization to receive the World Kindness Movement Award Membership in the 20 year history of the World Kindness Movement. The ceremony featured San Diego community leaders with special guest The World Kindness Movement General Secretary Gabriella van Rij from the Netherlands. NERDS RULE INC. Community Action Plans (CAP) created Executive Director Tristaca McCray "NRI The Queendom Project” How it changed my life..... Queendom Ambassador April Gillis "You Are Enough" Queendom Ambassador Jayda Sherrill “Stand Up 4 Yourself” No Bullying Zone 3rd Grade Ambassadors Ayleen Romero/ Maria Romero “Homeless Youth Need Our Help” 4th Grade Ambassador Karen Solis “Linda’s

National University Presenter Tristaca McCray NERDS RULE INC. "Building The Next Generation of

Today our Executive Director Tristaca McCray was a presenter at the National University. Over 700 students from Middle School to High School learned something about NERDS RULE INC. "Building the Next Generation of Leaders" workshop was created with some tools from the NERSD RULE INC. Ambassadors Program. Two sessions with a room of 25 to 50 students talked about how they can create programs for bullying, suicide prevention and healthy eating. Each student received some NERDS RULE INC. life lessons and some empowerment seeds of determination planted by Tristaca McCray. Tristaca McCray and RISE San Diego Sister Dr. Yessica-Diaz-Roman both presented today.

Uganda Partners Launching NERDS RULE INC's "The Queendom Project"

NERDS RULE INC's International Partners Regional Centre for International Development Corporation (RCIDC) will be training mid November to launch the "Queendom Project" created by Executive Director Tristaca McCray. Henry Oriokot Program Director of (RCIDC) starting training with NERDS RULE INC. in the beginning of 2017 for Suicide Prevention. The partnership has turned into an amazing empowerment movement, planting powerful seeds and creating the next generation of leaders in Uganda. Our partnership goals have us on the right track to reach over 1000 women and girls by end of 2017. NERDS RULE INC. “The Queendom Project” MISSION: Provide opportunities to help end gender inequality by fosteri

World Kindness Day!

Excited to be the 7th US organization in the 20 year history of the World Kindness Movement and a Founding Member World Kindness USA. Join us on November 13th for World Kindness day. NERDS RULE INC. Ambassadors will be creating Kindness Books and sending them to teens and youth dealing with bullying and depression. The World Kindness Movement is asking everyone to participate in the following: - Ask adults and children around you the question ... "What does Kindness mean to you"? - The answer can be video taped through your phone or other devices. Keep it within 1 minute if possible... - It will be so impactful for the world to hear and see your answers. - Send them to us or post them dire

NERDS RULE INC. Youth Ambassador Creates Bullying Prevention Project

NERDS RULE INC. Youth Ambassador Sundae Oden (9th Grade Student) was working on a bullying project for school. Sundae decided to create something fun and educational for schools that would help students understand the effects of bullying other students. Sundae created the SPEAK UP BULLYING Foundation under the leadership of NERDS RULE INC's Executive Director Ms. Tristaca McCray. Sundae Oden will be presenting her Bullying Prevention Project in San Diego, CA on October 28th 2017 at the World Kindness Ceremony at the Civic Center. 365 F. Street Chula Vista, CA 91910 at 1:00 PM.

Iron Sharp Consultants Partner With NERDS RULE INC.

We are excited to have our new NERDS RULE INC. partner CEO and Founder Ericka Parker of Iron Sharp Consultants join the team by assisting us with our Ambassador program for foster youth and teens. Eloquent, Relational, Inspiring, Charismatic, Keen, Authoritative in her approach, Ericka Parker is compassionate about making a difference in the lives of others. She is an expert in talent acquisition with over 25 years in corporate experience. Ericka has recruited for several Fortune 500 companies locally and nationally; assisting with business strategy, workforce development and employment branding. She is a frequent speaker who uses humor, practical life experiences and testimonies of others

Update on our International Partners Community Initiatives for Development In Pakistan

Today we had a wonderful Skype conversation with our International Partners in Pakistan. Updating us on what happening with new projects and how NERDS RULE INC. can join there mission in creating change in communities. Our NERDS RULE INC. Ambassador program will become apart of the youth and teens curriculum which will create NERDS RULE INC. community action projects. Communities Initiatives for Development in Pakistan (CIDP) Sindh is a non-Governmental non-profitable, voluntarily development organization working for sustainable development of the deprived and backward communities of Sindh Pakistan. It was established in July 2007 and in registration process with Sindh and registered in soci

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