NERDS RULE INC. Partnership with Regional Centre for International Development Corporation

January 1st 2017- New Thinking, New Practice and New Results. Regional Centre for International Development Corporation in Kampala, Uganda and NERDS RULE INC. became International Partners to rebuild and empower the next generation of Uganda young leaders. The partnership is creating change, transforming lives with mental health trainings, developing programs, workshops for youth, teens and young adults in Uganda. Henry Oriokot Director of RCIDC wanted to focus on programs for suicide prevention and self worth to build strong foundations to help each individual level up with strong leadership skills. In Mid October RCIDC will be introducing "The Queendom Project" created by our CEO and Fou

Congratulations NERDS RULE INC. is the 7th US Organization Welcomed in the World Kindness Movement

June 14th 2017 Letter from President Ms. Jin Heo and General Secretary Mr. Michael Lloyd-White Re Membership: Dear. Ms. McCray The World Kindness Movement International Board met on June 8th 2017. Executive members representing Australia, France, India, Korea, Nigeria and Switzerland were in attendance and were presented with our findings from the due diligence process, which included your NERDS RULE INC. application. We can now advise the motion to accept NERDS RULE INC. as the 7th US organization in our 20 year history to become an official member to the World Kindness Movement, was resolved unanimously. Arrangements are not being taken for the official presentation of your membership c

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