Suicide Prevention Council Spotlight Presentation

NERDS RULE INC. Spotlight Presentation: Catching Up With The NERDS! 3 years ago I walked into the Suicide Prevention Council meeting completely BROKEN. I didn't understand God's plans for me with NERDS RULE INC. Late nights, closed doors, disappointments, hurt, misunderstood, depressed....I was about to give up the dream. ✌🏾😩 This amazing council changed my life. From my amazing mentors who believed in me when I walked through the doors.... to all of the other BROKEN folks who found peace within to make a difference was the missing piece of my puzzle of HOPE. I haven't done a Spotlight presentation since March 2015 and today was an update on what's going on with NERDS RULE INC. My purpose

NERDS RULE INC. Ambassadors Theme: Leaving My Footprints Around San Diego

This Summer NERDS RULE INC. CEO and Founder created a fun exciting project for students to create small community action plans in there communities around San Diego. NERDS RULE INC. Ambassadors Theme: Leaving My Footprints Around San Diego. Our community team is currently looking for special guest speakers. The second week of the program July 17th- July 21st is career week for the students. Email our team for a time slot at Come share your experience as a community leader, business owner, youth leader, college student, world changer and share what you are doing in the community to create change. 35 min. time slots are OPEN NOW. 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Suicide Prevention Training with Regional Centre for International Development Cooperation (RCIDC) i

NERDS RULE INC's International Partner Regional Centre for International Development Cooperation (RCIDC) under the leadership of Henry Oriokot have planted seeds with his team about Suicide Prevention. Henry Oriokot and Tristaca McCray (CEO of NERDS RULE INC.) speak and train weekly through Skype or email about trainings and programs created by NERDS RULE INC. We are all aware that many forms of suicide happen silently across the country and some go unregistered. Both teams agree that the International Partnership is growing daily. Even on different time zones we dedicate time to stay focused on the VISION and PURPOSE of the partnership. International Partner Regional Centre for Internat

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